Adam and Eve Return to the Kingdom. W.36” H.49” D.1” Oil on canvas. £3000.

The image shows Adam and Eve in their Eden clothes at the feet of Christ knowing that this is the only way back to the Kingdom. The repentant criminal is in the foreground clearly distressed but soon to be in paradise. The unrepentant criminal is in the background about to be consumed by the darkness. The Roman officer is the first gentile convert as he realises that as Jesus dies he must be the Son of God.
Simeon Beholds the Lord’s Christ. W.32” H.42” D.2” Oil of canvas. £3000.

This is an image based on Chapter 2 v.25-34 of Luke’s Gospel where the eight day-old Jesus is presented at the Temple by his parents. The elderly prophet, Simeon, is there and recognises Jesus’ importance.
Separating the sheep from the goats. Oil on canvas. 60″x72″
The ready and the unready. Oil on canvas. 60″x72″
Centurion at the cross. Oil on canvas. 60″x72″

Jeptath’s Daughter. Oil on canvas. 60″x72″.

Woman at the well. Oil on canvas. 60″x60″